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East Side Signs specialises in the manufacture and installation of pylon signs of all shapes and sizes. Our facilities let you come view your product at any point during the manufacturing cycle.

Pylon signs are among the largest and most eye catching signs you can install outdoors. They can be as tall as 30 metres high, and are designed to show off your company logo so passersby can notice your business or storefront from a far distance. Pylons are great for attracting new customers to your business, as drivers can see your sign early and decide whether or not to visit your store.

Pylons can also be used for large shopping centres to give an overview of what stores are in a particular strip of businesses. Each store can use their own particular colours and logos to limit customer confusion and help them easily find the stores they are looking for.

Many of our pylon solutions are designed with illuminated panels and LED lighting inside to provide complete visibility at night and during bad weather conditions. This makes them a complete solution for your business.

There are many benefits to installing a pylon sign outside your business. Whether the sign is near or far from your actual storefront, it will attract an audience and make your customers turn their heads and take notice.

Installing Pylon Sign Offers The Following Benefits:

Attract customers from a distance

Illuminated at night using environmentally friendly and cost saving LED lights

Cost effective for short term advertising and easy to swap out individual signs

For all of these reasons and more, pylon signs are one of the best signage solutions for your business

Large and tall for readable branding and logo colours

Sturdy and available in many shapes and sizes

Easy to include your phone number, open hours, or other contact information

Let customers compare and contrast between different information you provide them

Great for properties with long driveways or parking areas where customers are unable to easily see your business

Include an LED variable message sign for interactive content

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