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3D Fabricated Signs

3D Fabricated Channel Letters are the most spectacular form of lettering for both interior and outdoor advertising. It’s not only cost efficient and effective but it’s the future of business branding for any image conscious entrepreneur. Channel letters are eye-catching three-dimensional individually cut and designed letters or figures. You can affix them to a wall or any other structure illuminated or un-illuminated. You have a guarantee that your letters will not dent, chip, corrode or fade easily. They are useful for neon, LED and non-illuminated signs.

These letters are available in various faces and trim colors. There are various types of 3D Channels letters, Standard letters are the most common and are made of a U-channel base with colored Plexiglas faces. The second type is Reverse Letters which have metal faces, returns and a clear plastic backing. When mounted these letters don’t touch the wall. They are normally an inch or two away from the wall. They are very beautiful at night and create a halo-lit effect.

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